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Tue, Jan 31, 2017 - Read in 2 Min

Interesting reads the week of Jan 30th

This post originally appeared on Yizhe’s Source of all wonders

What we call AI today is machines performing knowledge work. Machines will continue to perform information-driven tasks with specific objectives. The label “intelligence” has to do with something much more fundamental and elusive. Machines today is still lacking the capacity to adapt itself outside of its inteded purpose - The “AI” Label is Bullsh*t by gk_

A video about implementing event loging in a BI setting - Introduction to Event Log Mining with R - David Langer

This interesting analysis in R generate a group of nearest location given two points using Google Place API. This could be really interesting if integrated with rating information. That way not only you have an place that convinient for two person to meet, but also find where would be nice for them to meet - The Meeting Point Locator

R and metrics reporting, an interesting demo and set up about using R and heat map to do routine BI reporting - R and Adobe Analytics: Two Dimensions, Many Metrcs

While this paper Password managers: attachs and defense summarised multiple ways to get hacked even when using a password manager and how autofill could easily screw up all your effort of trying to be secure, Gokey - a vaultless password manager in Go sounds like a really good solution. It is really portable, it manages private keys on top of managing only password etc. Gokey by cloudflare

This sentiment analysis tutorial looks really clear - I’d want to look into it at some point.

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