Interesting reads the week of Feb 6th, 2017

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Interesting reads the 3rd week of the rooster year.

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A manuel collection of VC deals in 50 counties and worth 22.3 billion US dollars from angel to series F showed 1) investment below 0.5 million US dollars are most common; 2) pharma, health care, and biotech has more smaller deals than bigger ones; 3) the value of deals increases from an investment round to the next one until series D. More analysis is here Venture Capital Deals in 2016

12 KPIs you must know before pitching your startup is an interesting read. Usually this type of 10 things you need to know or 5 tips for something don’t interest me. But some metrics mentioned in this article sounds really useful. For example, CAC to LTV ratio (customer acquisition cost and lifetime value - net value of an average customer to business over the estimated life of relationship with the company) is a true indicator of the sustainability of a company. If a company can predictably and repeatly turn $ x $ into $ nx $, then it is sustainable.

A ICLR 2017 reading list

Great literature is surprisingly arithmetic

hyperopt-sklearn is a useful library I want to test out. With the iris dataset, it selected PCA as the best preprocessing pipeline and k-nearest neighbors as the best classifier with the prediction accuracy in generalization as 96.7%

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