Interesting reads the week of Feb 13th, 2017

Mon, Feb 20, 2017 - Read in 1 Min

Interesting reads the 4th week of the rooster year.

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Cognitive Machine Learning focusing on abductive inference type of reasoning where we use explanations to learn and act in the future and talked about several machine learning methods related to abductive inference.

Algorithms and insults: Scaling up our understanding of harassment on Wikipedia uses a supervised machine learning model to produce a probability estimate of whether an edit is a personal attack.

Googel implementd on-device ML system onAndroid wear 2.0 enables technologies like Smart Reply to be used for any application, including third-party messaging apps, without ever having to connect with the cloud

A comparison of deep learning packages in R - Deep learning in R

A tutorial about spatial econometrics in R

A Guided Tour of Machine Learning for Traders by Dr. Tucker Balch

And finally super fun Super planet crash:

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