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Mon, Feb 13, 2017 - Read in 3 Min

I use three computers and three types of operating systems day to day. And I’ve found it challenging.

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Of course I don’t like this situation - but there’s nothing I can do about it but try to adapt. I own a 2011 macbook air which I enjoy to use in a coffee shop for doing documentation, research, or remote into Silver. I also have Silver, a skylake core i7 linux box at home for those number crunching works I do and games. And recently I joined Accenture, I was given a windows 10 laptop for my work that I was not allowed to partition the hard drive or use docker or vms easily because of the internal security requirement.

With Atom, I was able to set up a uniformed development environment across three platforms for everything (of course not literally everything but those I need to use: R, Python, SQL, html, css, shell scripting). It helps the confusion by switching between different platforms regularly, it helps me be able to do my work no matter which machine I am on, also it helps me with my code quality to be able to reproduce results on any of my machines.


alt text

Step 1 - Install tools

On Fedora 25

# install atom
cd /usr/tmp;
wget -O atom.rpm
sudo rpm -Uvh atom.rpm

# install other tools
package_list="git R-core R-devel"
sudo dnf install -y $package_list

# install Python
cd /usr/tmp
curl -O
tar xzf Python-3.5.3.tgz
cd Python-3.5.3
make altinstall
# check install
/usr/local/bin/python3.5 --version
# check pip
/usr/local/bin/python3.5 -m pip install --upgrade pip

# edit path
cat export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH >> ~/.bash_profile

On macOS

# download and install xcode from app store, then
xcode-select --install

# install homebrew
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

# edit path
echo export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH >> ~/.bash_profile
source ~/.bash_profile

# install other things
brew install git wget python3

# install R - download then install

# install atom - download and install
# or go to link and download:

On windows

  1. download and install atom from here or go to atom website and directly download.
  2. Install R from here or find the link yourself on this R project home page. Also install Rtools following the instruction here, Make sure the system path is correctly set and R can use Rtools by printing out Sys.getenv('PATH').
  3. Configure R path following this post
  4. Download python from here and follow the graphical instruction direction from here. Don’t forget to export the path and all that stuff

Step 2 - configure Atom

Open preferences in Atom ‘CMD + comma’ and go to the Install menu item. Search there for the packages. Or in powershell, terminal or whatever, type in apm install a-list-of-the-packages.

  • Essential (apm install platformio-ide-terminal atom-beautify):

    • platformio-ide-terminal: A terminal package for Atom, complete with themes, API and more for PlatformIO IDE. Fork of terminal-plus. Follow this issue report to set up ctrl + enter to send a line of code to the terminal
    • atom-beautify: Beautify HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C, C++, C#, Objective-C, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Coldfusion, SQL, and more in Atom with Ctrl + alt + b.
  • For R (apm install language-r autocomplete-r):

And you see the trend here: just search whatever you need within atom packages. Below is a list of addons I installed:

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